Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Line Array PA System with Subwoofer

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Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Line Array PA System with Subwoofer
Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Line Array PA System with Subwoofer
Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Line Array PA System with Subwoofer

Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Line Array PA System with Subwoofer

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    The Bose L1 PRO16 Portable Line Array is a 1250W powered column PA speaker that’s versatile and simple to use. It functions as a main PA in a wide variety of positions, with a pair able to cover an audience up to 250. The onboard DSP processing, 3-input mixer, and easy-to-use tone presets help working presenters, musicians, instructors, performers, and A/V providers get powerful, clean, and clear sound quickly.

    The J-shaped line array provides 180° horizontal and +0/-30 vertical coverage for a wide and even response throughout the room. An array extension raises the height of the mid-high drivers to an appropriate height for ground deployment. The array can be attached without the extension for use on a stage.

    The system offers 118 dB of continuous SPL—plenty of volume for small- to mid-sized venues including clubs, houses of worship, conference centers, performance spaces, and meeting rooms. A highly efficient 250W Class-D amplifier powers the sixteen 2" mid-high drivers, while a 1000W Class-D amplifier powers the 10x18" racetrack woofer, providing crisp, detailed sound with a wide frequency range from 20 kHz down to 42 Hz.

    Three inputs are on the back of the subwoofer module. Inputs 1 and 2 feature combo XLR-1/4" connectors that will accept Mic, Line, and a Hi-Z input for Instruments. Phantom power is available to power condenser microphones or active DI boxes. Inputs 1 and 2 also offer a channel tone match preset button for Mic and Instrument. Additionally, you can select a custom preset from the L1 Mix app. Input 3 features 1/4" and 3.5mm connectors as well as Bluetooth streaming from a compatible device. All three channels offer Mute, Volume, Bass, and Treble controls. Combine two microphones for presentations, or combine a mic, instrument, and backing tracks for singer/songwriter gigs. 

    All three inputs are mixed to a mono signal internally and are passed-thru the Line Out XLR connector for connecting to additional bass modules or other speaker systems. For a true stereo L/R operation, two L1 PRO16 are needed with each to receive independent the left and right signals respectively.

    Bose's L1 Mix app allows you to adjust mixer settings instantly from your phone from the stage or while walking around the room. Hear how your mixes sound and fine-tune as you go. The LED encoders on the rear of the sub/mixer module are bidirectional and will update in real-time whether using the onboard controls or the app. The app also provides access to the entire ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets. The Bose L1 PRO16 ships with the speaker array, array extension, subwoofer power stand, power cord, and a carrying bag.

    Dialed in for Pure Performance

    L1 PRO16 portable line array system advances the PA category into a new era of on-the-go audio for singer-songwriters, mobile DJs, and bands. The system offers 180° horizontal coverage, unmatched clarity and tonal balance, plus extended bass response with a unique 18x10" RaceTrack woofer design. A built-in multi-channel mixer offers EQ, reverb, and phantom power, plus Bluetooth streaming and access to the full library of ToneMatch presets.

    Bass without the Bulk

    A unique RaceTrack woofer integrated into the L1 PRO16 deliver powerful bass, have an optimized center of gravity, and save a lot of space. This slim design means you get the full impact of a conventional subwoofer without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage, and making every carry in between home to car, vehicle to venue much easier.

    Mixer On-Board + Phone App

    The L1 PRO16 system features a built-in mixer, so you can connect various instruments, microphones, and other sources easily. You get two combo XLR-1/4" phantom-powered inputs, 1/4" and 3.5mm aux inputs, plus Bluetooth streaming capability. Illuminated rotary encoders give you instant access to volume, tone, and reverb settings per channel. Select between optimized system EQ presets for live music, recorded music, and more. Add more instruments and other audio sources via a dedicated ToneMatch port—one cable provides both power and digital audio between the system and a Bose T4S or T8S mixer (available separately). The L1 Mix app provides channel-level mixer control.

    Intuitive and Instant Wireless Control

    With the L1 Mix app, you can adjust mixer settings instantly from your phone or even walk the room, hear how the mix sounds, and fine-tune as you go. Change volume and tone settings in the app and watch the LED encoder on your L1 PRO move to match—the mixer and app are always in sync, in real time. Plus, you have access to the entire ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets. With the L1 Mix app, you get the connectivity that empowers your performance, giving you greater flexibility for on-the-fly tweaks via controls that are intuitive and instant.

    Premium Sound with Ease of Setup

    The L1 PRO16 offers premium sound on stage and practical portability everywhere else. With an L1 Pro system, you can get from parking to performing with ease and from setup to setlist in minutes. It's the power to sound your best and simply perform.

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