Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

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Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

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The IR-200 Amp and Cabinet Simulator Effects Pedal by BOSS is an advanced and compact virtual amp and cab solution for every level of guitar and bass player. Designed for flexibility and user customization, the IR-200 sports 11 amps, 154 preset cabinets, a highly modifiable signal chain, multiple EQ and ambience options, abundant I/O, and much more. There are 144 BOSS cab IRs and 10 Celestion Digital IRs that provide loads of power and inspiration, while up to two separate IRs can be loaded simultaneously for complex blended tones or wild stereo effects.

Not only does the IR-200 play nicely with external pedals and effects, but it also acts as an excellent studio complement with full audio interface functionality, so you can record directly to your computer and monitor through the IR-200. For live-at-home situations such as online playthroughs, high-quality direct audio and integrated noise suppressing circuits permit hassle-free performances on your favorite livestreaming platform. With enormous sonic potential, endless customization, fully featured I/O, and BOSS's signature rugged construction quality, the IR-200 stompbox is a vital addition to the arsenal of any electric guitarist or bassist.  

Key Features
  • Large onboard preset cab IR library featuring 144 BOSS IRs and 10 Celestion Digital IRs
  • 128 mono or 64 stereo user IR storage slots with WAV file support
  • Eight guitar and three bass amp types for stylistic flexibility
  • Run up to two IRs at once in either mono or stereo
  • Two global EQs plus two user EQs for each memory, with selectable parametric or graphic interfaces
  • Configurable precab or post-EQ mono send and mono/stereo return for effects loops
  • Room, studio, and hall ambient reverb types
Ultradeep Sound Control
Featuring eight guitar amps and three bass amps, the IR-200 provides full control over your guitar sound with responsive gain, bass, mid, and treble controls for dialing in the perfect tone, as well as a noise suppressor for handling high-gain buzz. Clean, tweed, Class-A, vintage, and modern high-gain amp styles are all included for everything from punchy and warm sounds, to clean and modern drives. There are 154 preset and 128 user selectable memory slots offer plenty of variety for building your own custom library of sounds, while graphic and parametric EQs enable further customization.
Flexible Signal Chain
Add some extra dimension with one of three ambience effects, and combine two IRs at once to blend tones or produce wide-sounding stereo effects. A further effect loop can be positioned before or after the cab section, and two global EQs at the end of the signal chain give a final level of refinement over your program. Complex customization of the signal path ensures nearly endless options for sound shaping.
Fully Featured Analog and Digital I/O
The IR-200 comes with a plethora of connection options:


  • Five 1/4" connectors including the main input, one send, a mono/stereo return, and two main outputs
  • Two 3.5mm MIDI connectors to connect external MIDI gear
  • 3.5mm aux input for jamming along with tracks from your phone
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • Micro-USB port allows you to easily hook up a computer
  • 1/4" input for connecting an external footswitch or expression pedal
Unlock Your Creative Potential
Use the send and return jacks for creating your own custom internal effect loops or for combining the IR-200 with other outboard effects units and pedals (pre or post internal FX). Stereo outputs allow the creation of sweeping stereo effects or sending independent feeds to a stage amp and house PA. External footswitches and expression pedals can be programmed for a variety of functions (memory scroll, amp gain, EQ, return level, and more), and MIDI connections enable full MIDI-CC support for nearly every parameter.
Recording and Livestream Ready
Dedicated audio drivers over USB enable full audio-interface functionality to Windows or macOS computers as well as basic stereo audio streaming from iOS devices. Use the IR-200 amp and cab IR to reamp sounds while simultaneously recording tracks and monitoring audio through your favorite DAW. Quality direct sound makes the IR-200 the perfect companion for performing on livestreaming platforms.

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