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Electro Voice ELX200-15P 15" 1200 Watt 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

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Electro Voice ELX200-15P 15" 1200 Watt 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

Electro Voice ELX200-15P 15" 1200 Watt 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

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Product Description

The Electro-Voice ELX200 series of powered loudspeakers is a rather impressive blend of high performance and ultra-portability. Not easily achieved, to be sure - but then, EV’s veteran team of talented engineers has always gone the extra mile to offer you the highest-quality products at the best possible price.

ELX200 Series Overview
With the ELX200 Series, you’ll instantly recognize that famous Electro Voice audio quality while you enjoy versatile and accurate control of EV’s endurance-tested, proprietary components — all wrapped up in a super lightweight and very attractive package. Simply stated, the ELX200 Series does more and weighs less, making it the obvious choice for solo artists, full bands, DJs and other mobile entertainers.

ELX200-15P Highlights
Sporting a 15” woofer for extended low frequency response, the Electro-Voice ELX200-15P is the big brother of ELX200 Series’ 10P and 12P models. However, it stands at just 30” tall, weighs under 42lbs, is easily transportable, and it’s capable of delivering up to 132 dB SPL of clean audio ranging from 48 Hz to 19 kHz (-10 dB). How is this even possible? Easy…if you’re EV!

The ELX200-15P combines high-efficiency and lightweight Class-D power amplifiers with integrated QuickSmartDSP to effortlessly and reliably produce up to 1200 watts. Incorporating transducers designed and engineered in-house by Electro-Voice (15” EVS-15M woofer, DH-1C 1” titanium compression driver), the ELX200-15P delivers an abundance of “loud and clear” - the ultimate goal for any live sound system.

Effortless and Accurate Setup
Setup of the ELX200-15P for specific applications is easy, thanks to four presets (Music, Live, Speech, Club) displayed on the large LCD screen and selectable by pushing and turning the dual-function Master Vol control. You can also adjust system-match crossovers and 3-band EQ, then store and recall your settings via five user-programmable presets. Limiter status is also easily viewable on the LCD.

Precise and Consistent Coverage
Electro-Voice’s patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducer) waveguide design offers you enhanced acoustic performance from a small-footprint loudspeaker, allowing for a larger waveguide which is shifted forward in the cabinet to time-align the transducers. This innovative design delivers extraordinarily accurate and even coverage with a deeper, tighter bass response than you would ever expect from such a compact enclosure.

The Rear Panel
ELX200-15P features two Inputs on dual-purpose XLR/Balanced ¼” TRS jacks, each with their own Level control. Input 1 also features stereo RCA jacks for easy connection of consumer audio devices. There’s even a balanced XLR Output for daisy-chaining multiple speakers. And of course, a Master Vol knob for overall volume control.

Hi-Tech Control and Monitoring
Just about everyone has a smartphone, iPad, or other tablet these days. But can they use them to control and monitor their sound system? They could with the Electro-Voice ELX200-15P and Bluetooth’s QuickSmartMobile app for iOS or Android! Want to control your system from front-of-house? No problem. Need to quickly configure up to six ELX200 loudspeakers simultaneously? Done. You’ll even receive immediate notification in the improbable event that your system experiences critical performance issues.

Portable or Install?
Sporting professional-grade hardware including three M10 threaded suspension points, integrated pole-mounts, and three road-tested handles for easy lifting, the Electro-Voice ELX200-15P is ready for just about any environment and/or application.

Peace of Mind
ELX200-15P is easy to carry, but its rigid construction and high-quality components ensure that you and your audience will enjoy that legendary EV sound, every time. Electro-Voice subjects their products to a rigorous 500-hour endurance test that goes far above and beyond industry norms. And with their 3-year warranty on powered speakers, EV offers you true peace of mind.

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