Fishman AFX Acoustiverb Mini Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal

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Fishman AFX Acoustiverb Mini Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal

Fishman AFX Acoustiverb Mini Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal

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Three Reverbs Designed for Acoustic Guitar
  • Spring: recreates the classic sound of a spring-type reverb found in many electric guitar amplifiers
  • Hall: an all-around reverb with natural, resonate spaces capable of replicating rooms both small and large, and sporting long decay times
  • Plate: recreates the dense reflections and metallic characteristics of mechanical plate reverbs used throughout the '50s, '60s, and '70s
Audio Path Switch
AFX Minis allow you to choose the audio path on which a particular effect will be processed. You do this by flipping the Audio Path switch on the front of the pedal.


Simply connect several AFX Minis together with TRS stereo guitar cables and set the Audio Path switch on each pedal to Tip or Ring. Pedals set to Tip will create one effect chain while pedals set to Ring will create another effect chain.

Intuitive Controls
With the simple level control, you can mix the reverb in parallel to your original signal, so it doesn't overwhelm your sound. Tone control adds brightness or warmth to the reverb only, leaving your original signal untouched. Finally, decay time lets you determine how quickly the reverb tail decays into silence.
Reverb Spillover
When the footswitch is pressed to bypass the effect and the LED is unlit, the reverb will continue to decay naturally to avoid an abrupt change in sound. The reverb spillover will only be effective when the bypass switch is set to Buffer.


To change this to a full mute, hold the footswitch while applying power to the pedal. The LED will flash to confirm this change.

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