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Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head

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Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head
Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head
Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head

Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head

$214.95 $239.95
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$214.95 $239.95
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Get a great vintage sound in a tiny package with the Spirit of Vintage Nano Mini Amplifier Head from Hughes & Kettner. Compact at 7 x 3.5 x 3.5", and weighing only 2.4 lb, this amplifier head can routinely deliver 25W into 8-ohm cabinets. With the right 4-ohm cabs, the amp can go as high as 50W, making it suitable not just for practicing at home, but for rehearsal with the band, and even for live shows.

At the core of the Spirit of Vintage is the company's Spirit Tone Generator, a technology that replicates the sound of tubes even in a pint-sized format. This circuit endows this tiny amplifier with the ability to unleash a bevy of vintage tones that are sure to make the levy break. Sassy blues tones, lean marshall-like crunch, clangy british invasion timbres, and classy California cleans are all at your disposal. Since the technology is all analog, you won't experience any annoying latency or digital artifacting customary among modeling amps.

Whether you're looking for a vintage American or vintage British tone, the Spirit of Vintage will answer the call with only minimal tweaking of the knobs. Gain, master, and tone knobs are simple enough to explain. The control to pay attention to is the Sagging knob, which gets to the heart of the Spirit Tone Generator. This knob grants you total control over the power amp's sag, which affects how the power amp responds to a driven signal, and yields an expressive amplifier saturation. Different values get you markedly different tones, making the knob quite useful for emulating all sorts of tones from blues to rock and back again. The control also lets you achieve riffs that will sound loud depsite being played at low, respectable volumes.

The Spirit of Vintage also provides features sure to delight any guitarist. Plug a music player into the auxiliary input, plug your heapdhones into the headphone jack, and you can jam along to all your favorite tracks in quietude. The music will pass through in pure stereo from the player to your phones. Use the line output on the back of the unit with compatible interfaces to record an album-ready guitar tone. Finally, the amp's speaker jack allows you to play with 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm cabinets for true versatility.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Nano head with up to 50 watts at 4 ohms
  • A treasure trove of vintage tones 
  • Spirit Tone Generator technology 
  • Fully analog sound generation 
  • Sagging control for volume-independent power amp saturation
  • Headphones out with the TubeMeister18’s RedBox emulation
  • Line output for recording interfaces or use with digital cabs
  • Non-frequency-compensated line out, excellent for software cab sims
  • Lightweight and compact for portability
  • Universal power supply accepts 100 to 240V mains power

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