Nord Electro 6 HP 73-key Hammer Action Keyboard

$3,199.95 $3,999.00
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Nord Electro 6 HP 73-key Hammer Action Keyboard

Nord Electro 6 HP 73-key Hammer Action Keyboard

$3,199.95 $3,999.00
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$3,199.95 $3,999.00
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  • SKU: NE6HP73
  • Brand: NORD
  • Type: Keyboard
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The Electro 6-HP has incorporated the Nord C2D B3 engine, which provides realistic organ sounds with models from Farfisa and Vox, along with a B3 bass, a B3 tonewheel, and 2 principal pipe organs. The updated Pipe 1 organ is a pure organ sound with few harmonics. Additionally, the instrument offers digital LED drawbars and simulations of the famed 122 vintage rotary-speaker cabinet. In addition to the preloaded sounds, the entire library is included on the enclosed DVD, so you can load in more of your favorite sounds.

The Sample Synth section now has expanded memory (512 MB) for the Nord sample library, extended voice polyphony, and a dedicated section with attack, decay/release, and dynamic controls. It is built with 4 levels of dynamic velocity control, a velocity sensitive low-pass filter, and 30-plus voice polyphony for sample library sounds. Furthermore, the Effects Section features all stereo effects. Effect 1 includes Pan, Tremolo, Wah, and Ring Modulator with three selectable depths for the Pan and Tremolo. Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah can be controlled with a control pedal. Effects 2 includes Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger, Chorus 1, Chorus 2, and Vibe. There are two selectable depths for each effect.

The Electro 6-HP is outfitted with a USB port for transferring sounds and USB-MIDI operation. Nord's design philosophy provides a simple and intuitive user interfaces for the Electro 6-HP, with dedicated knobs and buttons that control most of its functions. To further simplify its operation for live performance, the functions that are only accessible via menu are printed out on the front panel for quick and easy access.

Finally, the Nord Electro 6-HP features 73 portable weighted hammer-action piano keys, perfect for electric and acoustic piano sounds, but also good for organ playing. The key range on the 6 HP is E to E.

The Electro 6 HP 73-Note Hammer-Action Portable Keyboard from Nord offers a wide range of classic electro-mechanical and acoustic keyboard sounds and performance-friendly features. With three independent sound sections, a streamlined user interface, and the addition of seamless transitions, the Nord Electro 6 HP 73-Note Hammer-Action Portable Keyboard is a powerful and flexible instrument for live stage, studio, and rehearsal applications.


  • Seamless transitions
  • 3-part multi-timbral
  • Split and layer all 3 sections with optional Split Point Crossfades
  • OLED display for informative overview
  • Organize Mode for quickly rearranging programs, sounds, and pages

Piano Section

  • 1GB memory dedicated to the Nord Piano Library
  • Piano filters
  • Greatly expanded polyphony
  • Sympathetic string resonance
  • 4 dynamic curves

Sample Synth Section

  • Expanded memory (512 MB) for Nord sample library
  • Extended voice polyphony
  • Dedicated sample synth section with attack, decay/release, and dynamic controls

Organ Section

  • B3 tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox, and Farfisa simulations
  • 2 pipe organ models
  • Dual organ mode
  • Model 122 vintage rotary speaker
  • 9 LED drawbars

Stereo Effects Section

Effects 1 


  • Tremolo, Pan, Wah, and Ring Modulator—can be controlled using a control pedal
  • Three selectable depths for Pan and Tremolo, rate can be controlled with the Effect 1 Rate knob

Effects 2

  • Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Vibe—two selectable depths for each effect

Amp Simulation/Compressor

  • Twin, JC, Small, Compressor, C2D 122 Rotary, Tube Overdrive

Master Effects

  • 3-Band EQ, mid-sweepable
  • Reverb: 3 types (Room, Stage, Hall) with Bright modes
  • Delay: Tap-Tempo and Stereo Ping-Pong with rate and amount controls

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