Roland AC-33 - 30-watt Battery Powered Portable Acoustic Amp - Black

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Roland AC-33 - 30-watt Battery Powered Portable Acoustic Amp - Black

Roland AC-33 - 30-watt Battery Powered Portable Acoustic Amp - Black

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  • Brand: Roland
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The AC-33 from Roland is a stereo acoustic guitar amplifier with built-in effects, and the ability to run on either AC or battery power. You can plug in two acoustic guitars, or a single guitar and a microphone (as well as a CD or MP3 player), and amplify the connected signals with rich stereo sound. The compact size and light weight of the AC-33 makes it easy to transport, and its ability to run on battery power means that you can preform anywhere.

In the event that you should experience feedback (a common problem when amplifying acoustic instruments), the AC-33 features a built-in Anti-Feedback function. Simply turn on the Anti-Feedback switch, and the feedback is eliminated. There are also built-in stereo effects like chorus and reverb, and a looper with 40 seconds of record time. This enables you to layer sounds on top of one another, which can really get the creative juices flowing.

A headphone output is included for private rehearsals, and a stereo auxiliary input is provided for attaching a CD or MP3 player. The audio from the auxiliary input can be recorded into the phrase looper for more creative options. Stereo line-level outputs allow you to plug the AC-33 into a larger PA system or a recording device. The mic/line and instrument channels both feature EQ controls so you can dial in the perfect tone.

30 watts of natural, stereo acoustic sound through twin speakers
Runs on AC power or eight AA batteries (accepts rechargeable NiMH types)
Dual-channel configuration: guitar and mic/line channel
Reverb, chorus, and ambiance effects (ambiance adds spatial, 3D-type depth to the sound)
Phrase Looper with 40 seconds of record time
Auxiliary stereo input (connect MP3/CD players, etc) and a headphone output
Anti-feedback function
Built-in tilt-back stand
Removable battery cartridge for easy battery replacement

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