Roland V-Drums TD-02KV Electronic Drum Kit

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Roland V-Drums TD-02KV Electronic Drum Kit

Roland V-Drums TD-02KV Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Brand: Roland
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Start your drumming journey the right way with the TD-02KV, a five-piece electronic drum kit from Roland with compact and ultra-responsive pads, including a dual-zone mesh snare, ideal for new and returning drummers. With world-class sounds, robust hardware, and onboard practice tools, such as a programmable playing coach and metronome, this kit delivers features far greater than the sum of its parts, with plenty of room for expansion as needs evolve.

The TD-02KV is built to provide a quiet playing experience, with a beaterless kick pedal and compact hi-hat control pedal, both sporting noise-reducing designs, and the rugged four-legged stand enables a wide, acoustic-style playing layout. The TD-02 drum module comes with 16 ready-to-play drum kits and plenty of I/O for a wide range of scenarios, including 3.5mm jacks for headphones and external audio input, a USB-B port that supports MIDI and 44.1 kHz digital audio, and a Bluetooth expansion slot for attaching an optional BT-DUAL module and controlling your whole kit wirelessly.

This kit does not include a drum throne, drum sticks, or headphones.
Drum Kit Configuration
The TD-02KV is a 5-piece kit with shallow, highly compact mesh and rubber pads that deliver expressivity and fine-tuned control.


  • One PDX-8 dual-zone mesh snare drum pad with extremely realistic response and individual head/rim triggering
  • Three PD-4 tom pads
  • Three 12", dual-zone CY-5 cymbal pads for hi-hat, crash, and ride duties
  • One KT-1 kick trigger pedal and one FD-1 hi-hat control pedal, both with a noise-reducing design for minimizing sound transfer to other rooms
  • Sensitive playing surfaces with expressive response for developing proper techniques 
  • Adjustable response for each pad to match your playing touch and a deep array of sensitivity settings
TD-02 Module
The TD-02 drum module sports advanced features that any beginner or experienced player will appreciate. With a premium V-Drums sound and practical features, the TD-02 is a great place to start without breaking the bank.


  • 16 quality drum kits inspired by the high-end V-Drums sounds
  • Onboard coach functions for guided practice and steady development of drumming skills (5 modes)
  • Built-in metronome with dedicated panel control and numerous rhythm subdivision and sound options
  • 3.5mm stereo plug for headphone output and mix input, allowing you to quietly play to external tracks
  • USB-B port for MIDI and digital audio, supporting 44.1 kHz sample rate 
  • Common DB-25 cable connector for triggers (cable included)
Expandable and Upgradeable
The TD-02KV is an ideal kit to start your musical journey, but it also is expandable with a range of optional accessories, allowing you to grow your kit as your skills improve over time.


  • Bluetooth expansion slot for BT-DUAL module, enabling wireless connectivity to mobile devices for MIDI and digital audio
  • Connect an additional crash cymbal like the OP-TD1C
  • Enhance kick playability with the KD Series kick pads
  • Improve stage or studio performance quality with PM Series personal drum monitors
  • Compatible with V-Drums accessory pack DAP-2X, which includes drum throne and sticks
  • Reduce sliding on low-friction surfaces with the TDM Series V-Drums mats
  • Noise Eater NE series sound isolation boards further reduce noise from control pedals
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