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Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Peda

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Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Peda

Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Peda

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Universal Audio Dream 65 Descripción general

Bold cleans, immersive reverb, and authentically detailed emulation of the essential American tube amp make the Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal an inspiring yet cost-effective option for any guitarist looking to provide themselves with an expanded sonic palette, whether in the studio or on the stage. Compact, rugged, and intuitive, the Dream '65 pedal leverages Universal Audio modeling technology to faithfully capture the warmth and character of real tube-powered amps, speakers, spring reverb, and vibrato, making it suited for a wide array of guitarists and music styles.

Plug your guitar into the Dream '65 and choose from numerous legendary mic/speaker pairings, boosts, and amp models, including popular hot-rod options, with more available for download. Derived from the OX Amp Top Box, everything from classic blues drives to modern lead boosted tones can easily be attained, while alluring tube-style spring reverb and vibrato can unleash a universe of sonic possibilities. Whether you are looking to get out in front of your amp or simply add some tonal flavor to your guitar sound, the Dream '65 amplifier pedal delivers expressive album-ready studio tones at the flip of a switch.


Powerful UAFX Dual-Engine
The Dream '65 features dual-engine processing combined with UAD audio modeling expertise for an extremely authentic emulation of mid '60s American tube combo amps. Cabinet/mic emulations can be bypassed for simply adding overdrive or tonal flavor to your sounds. Or, immerse yourself in classic tube-powered spring reverb and vibrato effects modeled from a golden-unit amp heard on more than 100 classic records.
World-Class Amp Modeling
Drawing from the custom mic and speaker pairings of UAD's award-winning OX Amp Top Box, the Dream '65 provides immediate access to inspiring studio tones at the flip of a switch. Six unique modeled speaker/mic combos are available to either take on the go or spice up your DAW recording, providing a huge range of sounds.
Legendary Amp Mods
Three types of gain boosts are available including one clean boost and two classic amp modifications, which alter the amps character. Stock provides a simple boost to the clean input signal, leaving the tone alone but providing up to 10 dB of gain to the front of the amp. The Lead setting adds an OD Special mod to the amp, prized by studio guitarists throughout the '80s and '90s, leading to a warmer sound, which introduces midrange as gain is increased. The D-Tex setting adds a Stevie-Ray-Vaughn-inspired Texas blues tone mod, which provides significantly more midrange and gain from the preamp stages.
UAFX Mobile App
Want to just control all of the Dream '65 features without having to bend over and adjust knobs? UAD has you covered with a handy Bluetooth pairing function that allows you to alter any available parameter directly from your favorite mobile device through the UAFX Mobile app. Customize features, explore presets, or even download new tones, models, and artist presets, all with a few taps. You can even get deep and customize your footswitches for a wide array of functions.
Flexible Controls
With two footswitches, six knobs, and three flip switches, the Dream '65 contains a bevy of control for those who want maximum sonic flexibility. Input gain, reverb amount, output gain, bass frequency response, treble response, and boost intensity all have dedicated rotary knobs so that any amp sound can be quickly dialed in. Speaker type, amp storage, and amp mod type all get three-position switches for extra flexibility. The dual footswitches default to on/off and preset switching, while further footswitch modes are available with the UAFX Control app.
Sophisticated I/O
The Dream '65 provides users with an elegant and efficient I/O arrangement to enable plenty of options right out of the box. One mono input and one mono output are provided for basic use, while a secondary input and output are also provided for stereo linking and expressive sounds. A multitude of connection combinations are possible, from sending stereo outs to an interface or stage PA, to sending separate outs to different amps and effects loops, and even more possibilities are unlocked when using multiple Dream '65 pedals in tandem. The 4-Cable mode, compatible only with UAFX amp pedals, allows the addition of another switchable channel to any real guitar amplifier with an effects loop, allowing you to switch between your guitar amp's built-in preamp section and the sounds in your pedals.
Built to Last
Featuring the timeless design and rugged craftmanship that UA has become known for, the Dream '65 pedal is built to last decades. Whether taken on the road or used in the studio, this pedal can be relied upon to deliver quality sound on demand.

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