Xvive Audio U4R2 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System (Pair)

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Xvive Audio U4R2 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System (Pair)

Xvive Audio U4R2 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System (Pair)

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The U4RR2 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System from Xvive Audio provides performers and presenters a hands-free, cost-effective, and expandable solution that supplies 24-bit/48 kbps digital sound quality to their favorite in-ear and headphone monitors. This configuration includes two receivers, both able to receive the digital signal from the single included transmitter; ready for plug-and-play use in a wide variety of settings including musical venues and and theatres, houses of worship, schools, corporate conference rooms, and more.

The portable, easy-to-use U4 system features road-worthy components housed in tough molded-plastic and cast-metal chassis built to handle the rigors of touring and designed to work with a huge variety of audio gear. The components are powered by internal non-replaceable batteries that offer 5 hours of operating time and are recharged via USB ports.

The transmitter works with basically any mixer or other device that has an available balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4" output jack. Just plug the transmitter in, and it will broadcast the incoming audio to any of its six selectable 2.4 GHz channels. Simply set the bodypack receivers to the same channel and you're good to go. The system provides a 90' line-of-sight transmission range and a 5 ms latency, low enough for musical applications.

Easy to Use, Flexible, Expandable

  • Simple to use: plug in the tranmitter and set the transmitter and two receivers to the same channel—that's it
  • The 2.4 GHz system works anywhere in the world—ready to go where the tour goes
  • The U4 receiver can work with multiple transmitters, you can add more as you need them
  • The system offers 6 wireless channels to choose from, allowing you to expand the system with additional transmitters (available separately) and send different monitor mixes, specifically tailored to the needs of your performers

Digital Sound Quality, Wireless Convenience

  • The U4 offers 24-bit / 48 kb/s digital audio with a 107 dB dynamic range and a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range
  • Transmission range is 90' line of sight and the latency is 5 ms
  • A built-in rechargeable battery powers each component for 5 hours 
  • Belt clip and volume control on receivers
  • Works with a wide range of in-ear and headphone monitors

Versatile Input Modes

  • LINE MODE: Use with mixers or other professional audio devices that send line-level signals.
  • AUX MODE: Use when connecting consumer audio devices such as portable audio players or computers

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