Zildjian K Sweet Ride Cymbal - 23 inch

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Zildjian  K Sweet Ride Cymbal - 23 inch

Zildjian K Sweet Ride Cymbal - 23 inch

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  • SKU: K0732
  • Brand: Zildjian
  • Type: Drums & Percusion
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The Zildjian A-Series Sweet Ride is one of their most popular cymbals, and for good reason - the warm, smooth, even blend of overtones contributes weight and depth to any musical style it's included in. Couple that with K-series hand hammering, and you have the K Sweet Ride - featuring all the warmth and wash that made the A Sweet Ride popular, but with added depth and complexity.

The K Sweet Ride is the only cymbal in the K Sweet series that has a lathed bell, which is designed to help the cymbal maintain its sustain and wash. Like the rest of the series, the K Sweet Ride is designed to create a dark, complex, and silk-smooth sound that can blend into any song.


    • Warm, Dense Sound
    • Complex Overtones
    • All-Purpose Application
    • A Zildjian Clarity and Sweetness, K Zildjian Complexity
    • Traditional K-Series Hammering

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